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Residential Institutions Statutory Fund (RISF)

The RISF Board was established under the provisions of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Act 2012. The Board oversees the use of the cash contributions of up to €110 million pledged by the religious congregations to support the needs of some 15,000 survivors of residential institutional child abuse. These survivors have received awards from the Residential Institutions Redress Board or equivalent court awards.

The support to be provided will include a range of approved services, including health and personal social services, education and housing services.


The Board adopted the service name "Caranua" in October 2013. Caranua's mission is to use funds from Irish religious congregations to address the health, housing and education needs of survivors living in Ireland and other parts of the world.

The key functions of Caranua, as defined in the Act, include the payment of grants to former residents in order that they may avail of approved services, which include:

  • Mental health services
  • Health and personal social services
  • Educational services
  • A housing support service

Caranua's role is also to promote understanding, among persons involved in the provision of these approved services and publicly available services to former residents, of the effects of abuse on former residents.


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