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?The Private Report on Artane Industrial School

Added on August 20, 2007

May we refer to the article ?Dishonesty on Artane Abuse Probe Exposed?Eventually? by Bruce Arnold in the Irish Independent dated 18th August 2007.

It appears that Archbishop Dr Diarmuid Martin has released ?The Private Report on Artane Industrial School? which was furnished to his predecessor, Archbishop John Charles McQuaid, on July 7, 1962.

We believe that Jim Beresford should be congratulated for that because of his absolute determination which is evident in his letter dated 31st July 2007 to the Ryan Commission.

There is also the added pressure of an unspecified number of lawyers acting for abused people who filed for discovery of the Father Henry Moore Report as important testimony in respect of their proceedings.

The Archbishop of Dublin, Dr Diarmuid Martin may have also jogged his memory in relation to his response to the Ferns Report he said the report has played a vital role in ?bringing into the open the detail surrounding years of sexual abuse by priests which caused horrendous damage to so many people and their families.

We must do what we can to ensure it never happens again?.

He reiterated that since becoming Archbishop he had ?personally commissioned an independent audit of files in Archbishops House concerning priests so that all relevant information is available to me?.

And he urged anyone with concerns about anyone working in the Dublin diocese to come forward with information.

The Ryan Commission may have also jogged their memory in relation to the lawyers acting for many victims of institutional child abuse who did not have any problems in the discovery of letters and reports by Dr Anne McCabe dating back over 60 years of the highly critical official descriptions of conditions at many industrial schools in the 1940s which were forwarded as evidence to the Commission into Child Abuse before the difficulties which led to Honourable Justice Mary Laffoys resignation in September 2003.

Therefore, it appears that Archbishop Dr Diarmuid Martin and the Ryan Commission must have come to the conclusion to release the 1962 Report on Artane by Father Henry Moore due to the above mentioned pressures.

Albert King on behalf of Mary King. (victim of institutional child abuse).

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