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Drip feeding of information about Glin Documents.

Added on May 8, 2017

A former pupil of Glin Industrial School says the 'drip feeding' of information from documents held by another ex pupil has caused distress to him and other former students.

Abuse survivor, former pupil and worker at the school, Tom Wall donated the files to University of Limerick for archiving, but they were recently returned to him by UL.

The files contain court documents, school children's medical records, school reports and letters from the children's parents, which they never received. 

He had been threatened with legal action by the Christian Brothers if the files which he donated to UL were not returned to them. 

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Alliance Victims Support Group and former pupil, Tom Hayes wants the religious order to get hold of the documents in their name.

Speaking on Live95fm's Limerick Today, Tom Hayes says access to the files could have helped him find his own family.

Tom Wall says he was given permission to hold on to a number of records while searching for his own file over forty years ago and offered to makes copies for the Christian Brothers, but was turned down.

Also speaking on Limerick Today, Tom, who wrote about his version of events in a book four years ago, says his account is


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