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PRESS RELEASE PART 2 (Read 166 times)
Tom Hayes
Global Moderator

Posts: 569
Apr 27th, 2017 at 9:44am
Their retention by Mr Wall, who does know of their value to survivors, and also knows of their importance to the Christian Brothers and to the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse,  is the most hurtful and  insensitive type of behaviour that he could have perpetrated on other survivors. We ask that he immediately enter into discussions with us to speedily find a way forward to satisfy the many questions from former residents who believe, from his own statements to the various media, rightly or wrongly that like him, they too may benefit from knowing what is contained in these Documents.
It is sad to say that many former residents and their families, mainly living abroad are hurt by the media’s stance on this issue.  They see this type of journalism as indifferent and callous to the wider interests of former residents and their families by not challenging and questioning as to why this person kept the documents hidden for so long.   They do not accept the premise that he, Mr Wall, and he alone should determine how these documents should be finally dealt with, after all “he had over forty years to think about it and his behaviour both then and now is clearly harmful towards the very people he claims he wants to help”?.  Mr Wall’s actions have done serious harm then and now, and we ask that he return these documents to their rightful owners where we can all benefit as he told me he had, when he received copies in February 2017, directly from the Christian Brothers Archives. 
   We respectfully remind the Christian Brothers, that for those of us who were in their charge for all of our earlier lives, we hold them responsible as the custodians of all of our documents relating to our time in the industrial school, to secure and retain these original documents as part of their archives by every means so that we, and families of former residents, can receive copies of documents or other articles contained in these archives in as timely a way as possible.
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