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Ebook Launch- By By John Fitzgerald (Read 648 times)
Tom Hayes
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Ebook Launch- By By John Fitzgerald
Jul 16th, 2016 at 9:24am
Ebook Launch

Once upon a time in Ireland...

Escape from Grievous Faults is a novel inspired by real events, real people, and real places in mid 20th century Ireland.  The characters, however, are fictional and some place names have been changed for legal reasons.

To the eleven year old Joey McLaughlin, sentenced to seven years confinement in Grievous Faults Industrial School (for robbing apples), his new “home” is a place of horrors. He likens it to an alien setting of the kind his comic book heroes found upon arriving on a strange and terrifying planet in a different universe

A sub plot of the novel (which eventually links up with the main plot) focuses on an IRA man dedicated to ending what he perceives as the “occupation” of the northern six counties by the British even as Southern Ireland wrestles with a different kind of tyranny. His sister’s incarceration in a Magdalene Laundry puts a dampener on his “armed struggle” to bring the North back into the fold.

Three years of research, commencing in 2009, and almost two years of writing, went into this novel, not including the months of editing and revising that followed. In the acknowledgements I thank especially the late Emma Sharma Hayes, who provided precious advice, information and insights in the initial phase of the research. I just wish that Emma could be here now to offer an opinion on completed work but I feel she is somehow, somewhere, aware of it in a world elsewhere.

In the industrial school era children were consigned to long periods of brutal confinement for the most trivial of reasons or offences: Mitching from school...stealing a bar of chocolate...parents quarrelling. 

Being far from home, family, and friends was painful enough, but a far worse fate awaited them at the hands of people who believed themselves to be “God’s Chosen.”  Fear stalked the classrooms, the corridors, the washing rooms, the dormitories, and the parade grounds.
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